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Jon Munson - Applications Engineer


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Blog Avoid Amplifier Output Driver Saturation When Using pA Bias Current Amplifiers with High Source Impedance Sensors Mar 26th, 2015
LT Journal Low Cost isoSPI Coupling Circuitry for High Voltage High Capacity Battery Systems Apr 9th, 2014
Blog High Voltage CMOS Amplifier Enables High Impedance Sensing with a Single IC Apr 1st, 2013
Design Note DN513 - High Voltage CMOS Amplifier Enables High Impedance Sensing with a Single IC Mar 1st, 2013
LT Journal April 2010 - Maximize Cycle Life of Rechargeable Battery Packs with Multicell Monitor IC Apr 1st, 2010
Design Note DN471 - Simple Calibration Circuit Maximizes Accuracy in Li-Ion Battery Management Systems Aug 17th, 2009
Video Simple Ways To Measure Current - LTC6101, LTC6102, LTC6103, LTC6104 Mar 15th, 2009
LT Journal March 2009 - Battery Stack Monitor Extends Life of Li-Ion Batteries in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Mar 1st, 2009
Design Note DN423 - Ultraprecise Current Sense Amplifier Dramatically Enhances Efficiency and Dynamic Range Jul 28th, 2007
Design Note DN407 - Dual Current-Sense Amplifiers Simplify H-Bridge Load Monitoring Jan 25th, 2007
LT Journal June 2006 Triple Amps Handle High-Res Workstation Video from Single Supplies Nov 21st, 2006
Design Note DN396 - High Resolution Video Solutions Using Single 5V Power Aug 2nd, 2006
LT Journal Dec 2005 Simplify High-Resolution Video Designs with Fixed-Gain Triple Multiplexers Mar 28th, 2006
Design Note DN374 - Monitor and Protect Automotive Systems with Integrated Current Sensing Aug 24th, 2005
LT Journal May 2005 - Finally, High Voltage Current Sensing Made Easy Jun 10th, 2005
Design Note DN351 - Versatile Micropower Voltage Reference Provides Resistor Programmable Output from 0.4V to 18V Nov 1st, 2004
LT Journal Aug 2002 High Performance Op Amps Deliver Precision Waveform Synthesis Aug 9th, 2004
Design Note DN343 - Video Difference Amplifier Brings Versatility to Low Voltage Applications Aug 1st, 2004
Design Note DN333 - Easy-to-Use Differential Amplifiers Simplify Balanced Signal Designs Mar 2nd, 2004
Design Note DN327 - Video Signal Distribution Using Low Supply Voltage Amplifiers Dec 1st, 2003
Design Note DN321 - Dual Micropower Comparator with Integrated 400mV Reference Simplifies Monitor and Control Functions Sep 3rd, 2003
Design Note DN306 - High Performance Op Amps Deliver Precision Waveform Synthesis Mar 2nd, 2003
LT Journal Mar 2003 Triple and Quad RGB Amplifiers Deliver Full Performance on 3.3V Mar 1st, 2003
LT Journal Mar 2003 Versatile Over-The-Top Precision Comparator is Ideal for Status Monitoring Mar 1st, 2003
Design Note DN302 - Ultraprecise Instrumentation Amplifier Makes Robust Thermocouple Interface Jan 1st, 2003
Application Note AN57 - Video Circuit Collection Jan 2nd, 1994