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Jim Williams - Applications Guru

Jim Williams, who worked for Linear Technology for nearly three decades, started as an applications engineer in the early years of the company. His contributions were many-fold. He was a legendary analog circuit designer, problem solver, writer and mentor to many engineers over the years. Jim passed away in June 2011. Jim taught and did research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1968 to 1979, concentrating exclusively on analog circuit design. Before joining Linear Technology in 1982, Jim worked in National Semiconductor’s Linear Integrated Circuits Group for three years.

In nearly 30 years with Linear, Jim had the unique role of staff scientist. Jim Williams was named Innovator of the Year by EDN magazine in 1992 and elected to the Electronic Design Hall of Fame in 2002. He wrote dozens of articles and application notes and was author/editor of several classic books on analog circuit design.


Type Title Date ▴
Application Note AN133 - A Closed-Loop, Wideband, 100A Active Load Oct 12th, 2011
Application Note AN132 - Fidelity Testing for A to D Converters Oct 1st, 2011
Application Note AN131 - An Introduction to Acoustic Thermometry Apr 26th, 2011
Video Minimizing Switching Regulator Residue in Linear Regulator Outputs Mar 21st, 2011
Application Note AN126 - 2-Wire Virtual Remote Sensing for Voltage Regulators - Clairvoyance Marries Remote Sensing Oct 1st, 2010
Video 1ppm Settling Time Measurement for a New Monolithic DAC Sep 17th, 2010
Application Note AN128 - 2 Nanosecond, .1% Resolution Settling Time Measurement for Wideband Amplifiers Aug 16th, 2010
Video Diode Turn-On Time Induced Failures in Switching Regulators Mar 15th, 2010
Application Note AN120 - 1ppm Settling Time Measurement for a Monolithic 18-Bit DAC Mar 10th, 2010
LT Journal December 2009 - 775 Nanovolt Noise Measurement for a Low Noise Voltage Reference Dec 1st, 2009
Video 775 Nanovolt Noise Measurement for a Low Noise Voltage Reference Sep 15th, 2009
Application Note AN124 - 775 Nanovolt Noise Measurement for A Low Noise Voltage Reference Jul 3rd, 2009
Video Measuring Switching Regulator Noise Jun 15th, 2009
LT Journal March 2009 - Diode Turn-On Time Induced Failures in Switching Regulators Mar 1st, 2009
Application Note AN122 - Diode Turn-On Time Induced Failures in Switching Regulators Jan 16th, 2009
Video How To Build a Low Noise Power Supply for High Voltage (i.e. 100V up to 1000V) Transducers Sep 15th, 2008
Video Sub-Microamp RMS Current Measurement for Improved 32kHz Quartz Crystal Performance - LT1028, LT1222, LTC1563-2, LTC1968, LT1077 Jun 15th, 2008
Application Note AN118 - High Voltage, Low Noise, DC/DC Converters Mar 28th, 2008
Application Note AN113 - Power Conversion, Measurement and Pulse Circuits Aug 7th, 2007
LT Journal Jun 2007 - Sub-µA RMS Current Measurement for Quartz Crystals Jun 14th, 2007
Application Note AN112 - Developments in Battery Stack Voltage Measurement Mar 2nd, 2007
Application Note AN106 - Instrumentation Circuitry Using RMS-to-DC Converters Feb 21st, 2007
LT Journal Sep 2006 J-FET-Based DC/DC Converter Starts and Runs from 300mV Supply Nov 22nd, 2006
Application Note AN104 - Load Transient Response Testing for Voltage Regulators Oct 1st, 2006
LT Journal Mar 2006 40nVP-P Noise, 0.05V/C Drift, Chopped FET Amplifier Mar 28th, 2006
Application Note AN101 - Minimizing Switching Regulator Residue in Linear Regulator Outputs Jul 16th, 2005
Application Note AN98 - Signal Sources, Conditioners and Power Circuitry Circuits of the Fall, 2004 Nov 19th, 2004
Design Note DN345 - Basic Flashlamp Illumination Circuitry for Cellular Telephones/Cameras Sep 2nd, 2004
Application Note AN95 - Simple Circuitry for Cellular Telephone/Camera Flash Illumination: A Practical Guide for Successfully Implementing Flashlamps Mar 1st, 2004
Application Note AN94 - Slew Rate Verification for Wideband Amplifiers: The Taming of the Slew May 1st, 2003
Application Note AN93 - Instrumentation Applications for a Monolithic Oscillator: A Clock for All Reasons Feb 1st, 2003
Application Note AN92 - Bias Voltage and Current Sense Circuits for Avalanche Photodiodes Nov 1st, 2002
Application Note AN90 - Current Sources for Fiber Optic Lasers: A Compendium of Pleasant Current Events Apr 1st, 2002
LT Journal Sep 2001 A Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Controller for Fiber Optic Lasers Sep 1st, 2001
Application Note AN89 - A Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Controller for Fiber Optic Lasers: Climatic Pampering for Temperamental Lasers Apr 1st, 2001
Application Note AN86 - A Standards Lab Grade 20-Bit DAC with 0.1ppm/° Drift: The Dedicated Art of Digitizing One Part Per Million Jan 1st, 2001
LT Journal Sep 2000 Performance Verification of Low Noise, Low Dropout Regulators Sep 1st, 2000
Application Note AN85 - Low Noise Varactor Biasing with Switching Regulators: Vanquishing Villainous Vitiators Vis-à-Vis Vital Varactors Aug 1st, 2000
Application Note AN83 - Performance Verification of Low Noise, Low Dropout Regulators Mar 1st, 2000
Design Note DN220 - Lowest Noise SOT-23 LDOs Have 20µA Quiescent Current, 20µVrms Noise Dec 1st, 1999
Design Note Design Solutions 11 - Testing Linearity of the LTC2400 24-Bit No Latency Delta SigmaTM A/D Converter Help from the Nineteenth Century Nov 1st, 1999
LT Journal Nov 1999 Cost and Space Efficient Backlighting for Small LCD Panels Nov 1st, 1999
Application Note AN79 - 30 Nanosecond Settling Time Measurement for a Precision Wideband Amplifier Sep 5th, 1999
LT Journal Sep 1999 SMBus Controlled CCFL Power Supply Sep 1st, 1999
Application Note AN81 - Ultracompact LCD Backlight Inverters Sep 1st, 1999
Application Note AN75 - Circuitry for Signal Conditioning and Power Conversion Mar 1st, 1999
Design Note DN190 - Op Amp, Comparator and Reference IC Provides Micropower Monitoring Capability Sep 5th, 1998
LT Journal Aug 1998 4.5ns Dual-Comparator-Based Crystal Oscillator has 50% Duty Cycle and Complementary Outputs Aug 1st, 1998
LT Journal Aug 1998 Component and Measurement Advances Ensure 16-Bit DAC Settling Time (Part One) Aug 1st, 1998
Design Note DN185 - A Seven Nanosecond Comparator for Single-Supply Operation Aug 1st, 1998
Application Note AN74 - Component and Measurement Advances Ensure 16-Bit DAC Settling Time Jul 1st, 1998
LT Journal May 1998 A 7ns, 6mA, Single-Supply Comparator Fabricated on Linear May 1st, 1998
Application Note AN72 - A Seven-Nanosecond Comparator for Single Supply Operation May 1st, 1998
Design Note DN175 - Off-Line Low Noise Power Supply Does Not Require Filtering to Meet FCC Emission Requirements Mar 1st, 1998
LT Journal Feb 1998 LT1533 Ultralow Noise Switching Regulator for High Voltage or High Current Applications Feb 1st, 1998
Application Note AN70 - A Monolithic Switching Regulator with 100µV Output Noise Oct 1st, 1997
Design Note DN164 - High Power CCFL Backlight Inverter for Desktop LCD Displays Sep 3rd, 1997
Design Note DN163 - 1µA Op Amp Permits Precision Portable Circuitry Sep 2nd, 1997
Design Note DN137 - New Comparators Feature Micropower Operation Under All Conditions Sep 2nd, 1996
Application Note AN65 - A Fourth Generation of LCD Backlight Technology Nov 1st, 1995
Design Note DN101 - A Precision Wideband Current Probe for LCD Backlight Measurement Apr 1st, 1995
Application Note AN61 - Practical Circuitry for Measurement and Control Problems Aug 1st, 1994
Application Note AN55 - Techniques for 92% Efficient LCD Illumination Aug 1st, 1993
Design Note DN70 - A Broadband Random Noise Generator May 1st, 1993
Application Note AN49 - Illumination Circuitry for Liquid Crystal Displays Aug 23rd, 1992
Design Note DN58 - A Simple, Surface Mount Flash Memory Vpp Generator May 1st, 1992
Application Note AN47 - High Speed Amplifier Techniques Aug 1st, 1991
Design Note DN52 - DC-DC Converters for Portable Computers Jul 1st, 1991
Application Note AN45 - Measurement and Control Circuit Collection Jun 5th, 1991
Design Note DN51 - Gain Trimming In Instrumentation Amplifier Based Systems Jun 1st, 1991
Design Note DN45 - Signal Conditioning for Platinum Temperature Transducers Mar 1st, 1991
Design Note DN44 - A Simple Ultra-Low Dropout Regulator Feb 1st, 1991
Design Note DN40 - Designing with a New Family of Instrumentation Amplifiers Oct 1st, 1990
Design Note DN38 - Applications for a New Micropower, Low Charge Injection Analog Switch Aug 1st, 1990
Application Note AN43 - Bridge Circuits Jun 1st, 1990
Design Note DN32 - A Simple Ultra-Low Dropout Regulator Mar 1st, 1990
Application Note AN37 - Fast Charge Circuits for NiCad Batteries Feb 1st, 1990
Application Note AN35 - Step Down Switching Regulators Aug 1st, 1989
Application Note AN32 - High Efficiency Linear Regulators Mar 1st, 1989
Application Note AN31 - Linear Circuits for Digital Systems Feb 2nd, 1989
Design Note DN17 - Programming Pulse Generators for Flash Memories Nov 1st, 1988
Application Note AN29 - Some Thoughts on DC-DC Converters Oct 1st, 1988
Design Note DN11 - Achieving Microamp Quiescent Current in Switching Regulators Jun 1st, 1988
Design Note DN8 - Inductor Selection for LT 1070 Switching Regulators Mar 1st, 1988
Application Note AN28 - Thermocouple Measurement Feb 1st, 1988
Application Note AN25 - Switching Regulators for Poets: A Gentle Guide for the Trepidatious Sep 2nd, 1987
Application Note AN22 - A Monolithic IC for 100MHz RMS-DC Conversion Sep 1st, 1987
Application Note AN23 - Micropower Circuits for Signal Conditioning Apr 1st, 1987
Application Note AN9 - Application Considerations and Circuits for a New Chopper-Stabilized Op Amp Aug 5th, 1986
Application Note AN21 - Composite Amplifiers Jul 1st, 1986
Application Note AN18 - Power Gain Stages for Monolithic Amplifiers Mar 1st, 1986
Application Note AN14 - Designs for High Performance Voltage-to-Frequency Converters Mar 1st, 1986
Application Note AN17 - Considerations for Successive Approximation A ->D Converters Dec 1st, 1985
Application Note AN15 - Circuitry for Single Cell Operation Nov 1st, 1985
Application Note AN12 - Circuit Techniques for Clock Sources Oct 1st, 1985
Application Note AN11 - Designing Linear Circuits for 5V Single Supply Operation Sep 1st, 1985
Application Note AN10 - Methods for Measuring Op Amp Settling Time Jul 1st, 1985
Application Note AN3 - Applications for a Switched-Capacitor Instrumentation Building Block Jul 1st, 1985
Application Note AN8 - Power Conditioning Techniques for Batteries May 1st, 1985
Application Note AN13 - High Speed Comparator Techniques Apr 1st, 1985
Application Note AN7 - Some Techniques for Direct Digitization of Transducer Outputs Feb 1st, 1985
Application Note AN6 - Applications of New Precision Op Amps Jan 1st, 1985
Application Note AN5 - Thermal Techniques in Measurement and Control Circuitry Dec 1st, 1984
Application Note AN4 - Applications for a New Power Buffer Sep 23rd, 1984
Application Note AN2 - Performance Enhancement Techniques for Three-Terminal Regulators Aug 2nd, 1984
Application Note Understanding and Applying the LT1005 Multifunction Regulator Aug 1st, 1984