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Jason Sekanina - Power Module Design Engineer


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Blog LTM4611 TechClips - Ultralow VIN, 15A DC/DC μModule Regulator Nov 5th, 2013
Blog Bench Comparison of Two Overvoltage Protection (Crowbar) Methods: MOSFET vs. Silicon Controlled Rectifier Oct 10th, 2013
Video Dual 13A or Single 26A μModule Regulator Integrates Digital Power System Management Oct 1st, 2013
LT Journal µModule Regulator Powers and Protects Low Voltage µProcessors, ASICs and FPGAs from Intermediate Bus Voltage Surges Jul 9th, 2013
Video 38V, 10A DC/DC μModule® Regulator with Fault Protection Powers High-End ASICs and FPGAs Jan 18th, 2013
Design Note DN488 - Step-Down uModule Regulator Produces 15A Output from Inputs Down to 1.5V Jan 31st, 2011