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Henry Zhang - Applications Engineering Manager


Henry Zhang is an applications engineering manager for power products at Linear Technology. He began his Linear career as an applications engineer in 2001. He became an applications section leader in 2004 and applications engineering manager for power products in 2008. His group supports wide range of products and applications, from small monolithic regulators and power modules, to large kW-level high power, high voltage converters. In addition to supporting power applications and new product developments, his group also develops the LTpowerCAD supply design tool. Henry has broad interests in power management solutions and analog circuits. He has over twenty technical articles, seminars and videos published and 8 power supply patents granted or pending.

Henry graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia with his masters and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering.


Type Title Date ▴
Blog Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing - Part 3: Current Sensing Methods Nov 22nd, 2016
Blog Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing - Part 2: Where to Place the Sense Resistor Nov 21st, 2016
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Application Note AN149 - Modeling and Loop Compensation Design of Switching Mode Power Supplies Mar 23rd, 2015
Application Note AN140 - Basic Concepts of Linear Regulator and Switching Mode Power Supplies Oct 1st, 2013
Blog What Is The LTpowerCAD Design Tool and How Is It Different From LTspice? Sep 27th, 2013
Application Note AN136 - PCB Layout Considerations for Non-Isolated Switching Power Supplies Sep 20th, 2012
Video Small Size and Very High Efficiency Buck-Boost Converter - LTC3780 Jun 15th, 2009
LT Journal March 2009 - uModule Regulator Fits a (Nearly) Complete Buck-Boost Solution in 15mm × 15mm × 2.8mm for 4.5V–36V VIN to 0.8V–34V VOUT Mar 1st, 2009
Design Note DN457 - Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulator Delivers up to 12A from a Wide Input Voltage Range Jan 8th, 2009
LT Journal Jan 2009 - Ultralow Noise 15mm ×15mm × 2.8mm uModule Step-Down Regulators Meet the Class B of CISPR 22 and Yield High Efficiency at up to 36VIN Jan 1st, 2009
Video Voltage vs. Current Mode Control Current Sharing in a PolyPhase DC/DC Converter - LTC3731, LTC3853, LTC3850 Dec 15th, 2008
LT Journal September 2008 - Low Voltage, High Current Step-Down uModule Regulators Put a (Nearly) Complete Power Supply in a 15mm × 9mm × 2.8mm Package Sep 23rd, 2008
LT Journal Sep 2006 Reduce the Size and Cost of High Current, High-Power-Density Systems with Tracking Dual, 2-Phase Constant Frequency Step-Down Regulator Nov 22nd, 2006
LT Journal Aug 2002 - Low Voltage, High Current DC/DC Power Supply with Load Sharing and Redundancy Aug 9th, 2004
Design Note DN1001 - High Efficiency, High Density Power Supply Delivers 200A Without Heat Sinks Dec 2nd, 2003