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Hamza Salman Afzal - Applications Engineer


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LT Journal Making Accurate Temperature Measurements with Devices with Different Ideality Factors Apr 19th, 2017
Linduino LTC2990, DC2026 Linduino® Lowpass Filter Example Code Apr 10th, 2017
Blog I2C Timing: Definition and Specification Guide (Part 2) Oct 3rd, 2016
Blog I2C Primer: What is I2C? (Part 1) Sep 2nd, 2016
Video Low Iq Surge Stopper for High Reliability Current Sensitive Applications Apr 26th, 2016
Blog 100V Micropower Voltage Monitor Provides Flexible Monitoring of Positive and Negative Rails Simultaneously Jul 22nd, 2015
Blog Understanding Power Monitor Accuracy Feb 20th, 2015
Video 3A Load Box Aug 23rd, 2013
Blog Building a Homebrew Load Box Aug 21st, 2013
Video Floating Surge Stopper Provides Unlimited Overvoltage Protection Nov 7th, 2012
LT Journal 100V Surge Stopper Protects Components from 300V Transients Oct 18th, 2012