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Goran Perica - Power Applications Section Leader


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Blog LTC3786: High Efficiency Li-Ion Battery-to-USB Boost Converter Sep 16th, 2014
Design Note DN516 - 1μA IQ Synchronous Boost Converter Extends Battery Life in Portable Devices May 29th, 2013
Design Note DN493 - Bootstrap Biasing of High Input Voltage Step-Down Controller Increases Converter Efficiency Jul 15th, 2011
Design Note DN481 - 2-Phase, Dual Output Synchronous Boost Converter Solves Thermal Problems in Harsh Environments Jun 30th, 2010
Video Synchronous PolyPhase Boost Converter for Cool and Powerful Applications Jun 11th, 2010
Design Note DN371 - High Efficiency 2-Phase Boost Converter Minimizes Input and Output Current Ripple Jul 13th, 2005
Design Note DN347 - Simple Circuit Replaces and Improves on Power Modules at Less Than Half the Price Sep 4th, 2004
Application Note AN88 - Ceramic Input Capacitors Can Cause Overvoltage Transients Mar 1st, 2001
LT Journal Jun 1999 20A Constant Current Source/Battery Charger is 95% Efficient Jun 1st, 1999
LT Journal Feb 1999 Fast Rate Li-Ion Battery Charger Feb 1st, 1999