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Fran Hoffart - Applications Engineer


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Design Note DN491 - Tiny 2-Cell Solar Panel Charges Batteries in Compact, Off-Grid Devices May 13th, 2011
Video Maximum Power Point Control Simplifies Energy Harvesting Nov 8th, 2010
LT Journal Dec 2005 Lithium Ion Battery Charger Allows Choice of Termination Method and Includes 100mA Adjustable Low Dropout Regulator Mar 28th, 2006
Design Note DN380 - Fast, High Efficiency, Standalone NiMH/NiCd Battery Charging Nov 28th, 2005
Design Note DN283 - Li-Ion Linear Charger Allows Fast, Full Current Charging While Limiting PC Board Temperature to 85°C Apr 3rd, 2002
Design Note DN242 - Li-Ion Charge Termination IC Interfaces with PWM Switchers Oct 2nd, 2001
Design Note DN194 - New Charger Topology Maximizes Battery Charging Speed Nov 2nd, 1998
Design Note DN133 - Low Input Voltage CCFL Power Supply Jul 2nd, 1996