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Eddie Beville - Module Design Manager


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Video 40A µModule Regulator with, 88% Efficiency, 0% Derating at 85°C, and 40°C Rise Oct 27th, 2016
LT Journal Real Power Density: 26A µModule Regulator Keeps Cool in Tight Spaces Oct 18th, 2012
Video High Efficiency Dual 13A or Single 26A µModule Regulator Sep 10th, 2012
LT Journal September 2009 - Easy Multivoltage Layout with Complete Dual and Triple Output Point-of-Load uModule Regulators in 15mm × 15mm Packages Sep 1st, 2009
LT Journal September 2009 - Dual 8A DC/DC uModule Regulator Is Easily Paralleled for 16A Sep 1st, 2009
Design Note DN469 - Triple Output DC/DC uModule® Regulator in 15mm × 15mm × 2.8mm Surface Mount Package Replaces Up to 30 Discrete Components Jul 21st, 2009
Video How to Design a Complex Switching Regulator as Simple as a Linear Regulator - MicroModules Dec 15th, 2008
Design Note DN446 - Dual 8A DC/DC uModule Regulator Is Easily Paralleled for 16A Jul 14th, 2008
Design Note DN438 - uModule Buck-Boost Regulators Offer a Simple and Efficient Solution for Wide Input and Output Voltage Range Applications Mar 17th, 2008
Design Note DN430 - 8A Low Voltage, Low Profile DC/DC Module Regulator in 9mm x 15mm Package Weighs Only 1g Oct 30th, 2007
Application Note AN110 - LTM4601 DC/DC uModule Thermal Performance May 10th, 2007
Design Note DN411 - Simple and Compact 4-Output Point-of-Load DC/DC uModule System Mar 21st, 2007
Design Note DN385 - 10A High Performance Point-of-Load DC/DC uModule Jan 19th, 2006
Application Note AN103 - LTM4600 DC/DC uModule Thermal Performance Jan 14th, 2006
Design Note DN130 - Power Supplies for Subscriber Line Interface Circuits Jun 2nd, 1996