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Derek Redmayne - Staff Scientist


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Blog LTC2387 Drivers Part IV: How to Drive the LTC2387 Reference Jul 10th, 2017
Blog LTC2387 Drivers Part II: Drivers for Imaging Dec 8th, 2016
Blog LTC2387 Drivers Part III: Trans-Impedance Amplifier/Driver Sep 8th, 2016
Blog How to Drive the LTC2387 (Part 1): Signal Applications to 5MHz that Require Low Inter-Modulation Distortion May 13th, 2016
LT Journal Near Noiseless ADC Drivers for Imaging Jul 9th, 2013
Blog A Short Course in PCB Layout for High-Speed ADCs Mar 28th, 2013
LT Journal December 2009 - Maximize the Performance of 16-Bit, 105Msps ADC with Careful IF Signal Chain Design Dec 1st, 2009
Design Note DN468 - Maximize the Performance of 16-Bit, 105Msps ADC with Careful IF SIgnal Chain Design May 30th, 2009
Design Note DN1013 - Understanding the Effect of Clock Jitter on High Speed ADCs Aug 28th, 2007
LT Journal Aug 2002 Use a Single Input to Acquire Two Similar Signals Simultaneously and Other AC Techniques for the LTC1864 Aug 9th, 2004
Design Note DN337 - Multiple Output Range 16-Bit DAC Design Made Simple May 1st, 2004
LT Journal Mar 2002 A Composite Amplifier Topology Wrings More Performance Out of the LTC1597 16-Bit Current Output DAC Mar 1st, 2002
LT Journal Sep 2001 LTC1668 DAC and LT1807 Op Amp Achieve 90ns Settling to 16 Bits and 83dB SFDR in a Small Footprint Sep 1st, 2001
Design Note DN259 - A-to-D Converter Does Frequency Translation Jun 1st, 2001
Design Note DN257 - Resolving Very Small Temperature Differences with the LTC2402 May 2nd, 2001
LT Journal May 2001 Using Bipolar Preamplifiers in an LTC2411-Based Correlated Double Sampling Scheme Produces a Noise Floor of Under 100nVRMS May 1st, 2001
LT Journal Nov 2000 Infinite Sample-and-Hold Outperforms Many Legacy Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers Nov 1st, 2000
LT Journal Feb 2000 1- and 2-Channel, No Latency Delta Sigma , 24-Bit ADCs Easily Digitize a Variety of Sensors Feb 1st, 2000
Design Note DN219 - 24-Bit ADC Measures from DC to Daylight Dec 1st, 1999
LT Journal Jun 1999 LTC2400 Differential Bridge Digitizers Jun 1st, 1999