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Linear Technology offers many demo boards free of charge to qualified customers.  Contact your local sales office or distributor to inquire about a demo board. Certain demo boards are also available for sale via credit card on this website. Simply click on a demo board number for more information on online purchasing. Demo boards are for evaluation purposes only. It remains the customer’s responsibility to verify proper and reliable operation in the actual end application.

Use the controls on the left hand side of this page to search for demo boards by board number, part number, product family, or companion board. Click on any column heading to sort.

LTC recommends using Cadence Design Entry CIS 16.2 or newer to open .DSN files, and Mentor Graphics PADS version 9.5 or newer to open .pcb files

Our most recently added Demo Boards

Demo Board # Description Product Page Companion Board Software Files Purchase
DC2494A LTM8063 Demo Board | 40V, 2A Step-Down μModule Regulator LTM8063
  LTM8063 - 40VIN, 2A Silent Switcher µModule Regulator
DC2494A - Design Files
DC2494A - Demo Board Manual
DC2494A - Schematics
DC2708A LTC7001EMSE Demo Board | High Side NMOS Driver; 0V ≤ VIN ≤135V, IOUT up to 5A LTC7001
  LTC7001 - Fast 150V High Side NMOS Static Switch Driver
DC2708A - Design Files
DC2708A - Demo Board Manual
DC2708A - Schematics
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DC2407A LT8650S Demo Board | Dual Channel 42V, 4A Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 LT8650S
LT8650S Demo Circuit - 2MHz Step-Down Converter (5.4-42V to 5V & 3.3V @ 4A)
LT8650S - Dual Channel 4A, 42V, Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 with 6.2µA Quiescent Current
DC2407A - Design Files
DC2407A - Demo Board Manual
DC2407A - Schematics
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DC1341B LT3757EDD SEPIC Demo Board | 4.5V ≤ Vin ≤ 36V; Vout = 5V @ 3A LT3757
  DC1341B - Design Files
DC1341B - Demo Manual
DC1341B - Schematics
DC2548A LT8672EMS Demo Board | VIN = -15V to 35V, Up to 5A Output LT8672
  DC2548A - Design Files
DC2548A - Demo Manual
DC2548A - Schematics
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DC2737A LT8301ES5 Demo Board | No-Opto Isolated Flyback Converter, VIN = 10V to 32V, VOUT = 5V @ up to 700mA LT8301
  DC2737A - Design Files
DC2737A - Demo Manual
DC2737A - Schematic
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DC2286A LT3932 Demo Board | VIN = 8V to 36V driving two series LEDs (1ALED/6.6VLED) at 2MHz LT3932
  DC2286A - Design Files
DC2286A - Demo Manual
DC2286A - Schematics
DN570 - 36V, 2A LED Driver with 5000:1 PWM Dimming Meets CISPR 25 Class 5 EMI Limits with Silent Switcher Architecture
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DC2561A LTC2992 Demo Board: Dual Wide Range Power Monitor LTC2992
QuikEval System
DC2561A - Design Files
DC2561A - Demo Manual
DC2561A - Schematics
DC1890A LTC3883EUH Demo Board | Programming Clamshell Socketed Demo Board LTC3883
  DC1890A - Design Files
DC1890A - Demo Manual
DC1890A - Schematics
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DC2251 LTM8065 Demo Board | 40VIN, 2.5A Silent Switcher μModule Regulator LTM8065
  DC2251 - Design Files
DC2251 - Demo Manual
DC2251 - Schematic
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DC2492 LTC7000-1EMSE Demo Board | Protected High Side NMOS Driver; 8V ≤ VIN ≤ 135V, IOUT up to 5.5A LTC7000
  DC2492A - Design Files
DC2492A - Demo Manual
DC2492A - Schematic
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DC2234A LT8711 Micropower Synchronous Sepic Converter LT8711
  DC2234A - Design Files
DC2234A - Demo Manual
DC2234A - Schematics
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DC2395A-H LTC2324-12 Demo Board | Quad, 12-Bit, 2Msps/ch Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC (req DC890) LTC2324-16
LTC2325-16 - Quad, 16-Bit, 5Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC
DC2395A - Design Files
DC2395A - Demo Manual
DC2395A - Schematic
DC2395 CPLD Source Code
DC2395A-E LTC2324-14 Demo Board | Quad, 14-Bit, 2Msps/ch Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC (req DC890) LTC2324-14
LTC2324-14 - Quad, 14-Bit + Sign, 2Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC
DC2395A - Design Files
DC2395A - Demo Manual
DC2395A - Schematic
DC2395 CPLD Source Code
DC2395A-B LTC2324-16 Demo Board | Quad, 16-Bit, 2Msps/ch Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC (req DC890) LTC2324-16
LTC2324-16 - Quad, 16-Bit, 2Msps/Ch Simultaneous Sampling ADC
DC2395A - Design Files
DC2395A - Demo Manual
DC2395A - Schematic
DC2395 CPLD Source Code
DC2542A LTC2358-18, LTM2893, ADA4522-1, LT6658 Demo Board | Isolated Industrial Data Acquisition Board (req ArrowSoCkit) LT6658
DC2542A - Design Files
DC2542A - Demo Manual
DC2542A - Schematic
DC2537A LTC7000EMSE Demo Board | Protected High Side NMOS Driver; VIN up to 135V, IOUT up to 5.5A LTC7000
  DC2537A - Design Files
DC2537A - Demo Manual
DC2537A - Schematic
DC2456A LTC3779EFE Demo Board | 16V ≤ VIN ≤ 120V, VOUT = 48V @ 10A at up to 99% Efficiency LTC3779
  LTC3779 - 150V VIN and VOUT Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller
DC2456A - Design Files
DC2456A - Demo Manual
DC2456A - Schematic
150V Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller Eliminates Surge Protection Devices & Delivers Up to 99% Efficiency
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DC2575A LT8391AIFE Demo Board | 60V, 2MHz Synchronous Buck-Boost LED Driver Controller LT8391A
  DC2575A - Design Files
DC2575A - Demo Manual
DC2575A - Schematics
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DC2073B-H LTC6906 Silicon Oscillator Demo Board LTC6900
  DC2073B - Design Files
DC2073B - Demo Manual
DC2073B - Schematic
DC2369A DC2369A Low Power Wireless Current Sense LT6656
DC2369A Demo Manual
DC1830B-D LTC4000-1 Battery Charger Controller and PowerPath Manager with Maximum Power Point Control LTC4000-1
  DC1830B - Design Files
DC1830B-CD - Demo Manual
DC1830B - Schematic
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DC2424A LT3964 Demo Board | VIN = 5V to 36V driving two separate LED strings (1ALED/~3.6VLED) at 2MHz LT3964
  DC2424A - Design Files
DC2424A - Demo Manual
DC2424A - Schematic
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DC2658A LT8643S Demo Board | VIN = 5.8V to 42V with VOUT = 5V at 6A @ 2MHz LT8643S
  DC2658A - Design Files
DC2658A - Demo Manual
DC2658A - Schematic
DC2558A LTC4091 Demo Board | 36V Battery Charger and Power Backup Manager LTC4091
  DC2558A - Design Files
DC2558A - Demo Manual
DC2558A - Schematic
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DC1669B LTM4627EV 15A Step‐Down μModule Regulator LTM4627
  DC1669B - Design Files
DC1669B - Demo Manual
DC1669B - Schematic
DC2328A LTM4651 Demo Board | EN55022B Compliant 58V, 24W Inverting-Output DC/DC μModule Regulator LTM4651
  DC2328A - Design Files
DC2328A - Demo Manual
DC2328A - Schematic
DC2628A LT8362 Demo Board | VIN = 10V to 36V with VOUT= 48V at 280mA to 1000mA LT8362
LT8362 Demo Circuit - 48V Boost Converter (12-36V to 48V @ 300mA)
DC2628A - Design Files
DC2628A - Demo Manual
DC2628 - Schematics
DC2285A LT8705AEUHF Demo Board | VIN = 36V to 75V, VOUT = 48V @18A LT8705A
  DC2285A - Design Files
DC2285A - Demo Manual
DC2285A - Schematic
DC2466A LTC3246 Demo Board | Wide VIN Range Buck-Boost Charge Pump with Watchdog Timer LTC3246
  DC2466A - Design Files
DC2466A - Demo Manual
DC2466A - Schematic
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DC2395A-I LTC2325-12 Demo Board | Quad, 12-Bit, 5Msps/ch Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC (req DC890) LTC2325-12
DC2395A - Design Files
DC2395A - Demo Manual
DC2395A - Schematic
DC2395A-F LTC2325-14 Demo Board | Quad, 14-Bit, 5Msps/ch Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC (req DC890) LTC2325-14
DC2395A - Design Files
DC2395A - Demo Manual
DC2395A - Schematic
DC2395A-C LTC2325-16 Demo Board | Quad, 16-Bit, 5Msps/ch Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC (req DC890) LTC2325-16
DC2395A - Design Files
DC2395A - Demo Manual
DC2395A - Schematic
DC2411A LTC7150SEY Demo Board | High Efficiency 20A Synchronous Buck Regulator LTC7150S
  DC2411A - Design Files
DC2411A - Demo Manual
DC2411A - Schematic
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DC1784B LT3797EUKG Demo Board: 2.5V to 40V input to 1A output at up to 50V LT3797
  DC1784B - Design Files
DC1784B - Demo Manual
DC1784B - Schematic
DC2591A LTC4316 Demo Board | EasySMU: I2C Address Translator and Simple Multichannel Source Measurement Unit (req. DC2026 and 12V power supply) LTC4316
DC2591A - Design Files
DC2591A - Demo Manual
DC2591A - Schematic
EasySMU Excel Control Spreadsheet
DC2598A LT8390A Demo Board | VIN = 4V to 24V, (60V transient) with VOUT = 12V at 4A @ 2MHz LT8390A
  DC2598A - Design Files
DC2598A - Demo Board Manual
DC2598A - Schematic
DC2442A LTC4282 Demo Board | 200A Hot Swap Controller with Telemetry [requires DC1613] LTC4282
DC2442A - Design Files
DC2442A - Demo Manual
DC2442A - Schematic
DC2365A-H LTC2333-16 Demo Board | Buffered Octal, 16-Bit, 800ksps Mux'd SAR ADC (req DC590, DC2026 or DC890) LTC2333-16
QuikEval System
DC2365A - Design Files
DC2365A - Demo Manual
DC2365A - Schematic
DC2094A/DC2326A/DC2365A CPLD Source Code
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DC2668A LTC5552 Demo Board | 3GHz to 20GHz Microwave Mixer with Wideband DC to 6GHz IF LTC5552
  DC2668A - Design Files
DC2668 - Demo Manual
DC2668A - Schematic
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DC2317A LTC7103 Demo Board | VIN = 5V to 100V with VOUT = 5V at 2.3A @400kHz LTC7103
LTC7103 Demo Circuit - High Efficiency, Low EMI Step-Down Regulator (5-100V to 5V @ 2.3A)
DC2317A - Design Files
DC2317A - Demo Manual
DC2317A - Schematic
DC2335A LTC3636EUFD Demo Board | 3.1V to 20V Input with Vout1 range of 3.1V to 20V up to 6A & Vout2 range of 5V to 20V up to 6A LTC3636
  DC2335A - Design Files
DC2335A - Demo Manual
DC2335A - Schematic
DC2329A LTC7124 Demo Board | 17VIN, Dual 3.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LTC7124
  DC2329A - Design Files
DC2329A - Demo Manual
DC2329A - Schematic
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DC1757B LTC3789EGN Buck-Boost Demo Board | VIN = 6V to 36V, V OUT = 12V @ 12A LTC3789
  DC1757B - Design Files
DC1757B - Demo Manual
DC1757B - Schematic
DC2603A-B LTM4650AEY-1 Demo Board | Dual 25A or Single 50A DC/DC μModule Regulator with 1% DC Accuracy LTM4650A-1
  DC2603A-B - Design Files
DC2603A-B - Demo Manual
DC2603A - Schematic
DC2603A-A LTM4650AEY Demo Board | Dual 25A or Single 50A DC/DC μModule Regulator LTM4650A
  DC2603A-A - Design Files
DC2603A-A - Demo Manual
DC2603A - Schematic
DC2641A LTC7801EUFD Demo Board | Sync Buck Controller, 16V ≤ VIN ≤ 100V, VOUT = 12V @ 10A LTC7801
  DC2641A - Design Files
DC2641A - Demo Manual
DC2641A - Schematic
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DC961B LT1994 Low Noise, Low Distortion, Fully Differential Amplifier/Driver LT1994
  DC961B - Design Files
DC961B - Demo Manual
DC961B - Schematic
DC2623A LTC6404-1 + AD8002 ADC Driver Board | Low Distortion ADC Driver for LTC2387 family, Input Frequencies >1MHz LTC6404
  DC2623A - Design Files
DC2623A - Demo Manual
DC2623A - Schematic
DC2622A ADA4899-1 ADC Driver Board | Low Noise ADC Driver for LTC2387 family, Input Frequencies >1MHz     DC2622A - Design Files
DC2622A - Demo Manual
DC2622A - Schematic