We work to protect the environment in all aspects of our business.  Linear Technology is a leader in developing products that offer the industry's highest power conversion efficiency, use less power to operate and improve battery life.  Our industry-leading products help our customers develop a new generation of energy-efficient and power-conserving end products.  We also focus on continuously improving our manufacturing processes, striving to make our systems more efficient and working to make the world a greener place.

Environmental Stewardship

Linear Technology Corporation is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees and our surrounding communities. Linear Technology Corporation's Environmental guidelines include the following:

  • Pollution Prevention and Protection of the Environment: Linear Technology conducts its operations in a manner that protects the environment. Linear Technology is committed to pollution prevention and strives to avoid, reduce, and control the creation or discharge of pollution and waste in order to reduce environmental impacts.

  • Environment Regulatory Compliance: Linear Technology Corporation is committed to compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations and to other environmental requirements to which it subscribes.

  • Continual Environmental Improvement: Linear Technology Corporation, through its Environmental Management System, sets and reviews environmental objectives and targets that promote continual environmental improvement over time.

Linear Technology Corporation is proud of its environmental record and its commitment to protecting the environment. All of our manufacturing locations are ISO14001 certified and we have Green Partner agreements with several of our major customers. Our Environmental Policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of our company and can be obtained from the Linear Web site or upon request.

Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

Linear Technology products are RoHS 6 of 6 compliant when ordered in lead-free termination.  For complete information regarding our Lead Free program, please visit our Lead Free Program and RoHS Compliance page.

Green Product Design

Linear Technology's long history of designing high performance analog ICs and modules has continuously nurtured the development of products that enable our customers to design innovative end products that consume less power and convert power more efficiently. Applications span the entire electronics industry from high power servers, telecom and networking equipment, to battery-powered devices.  

Our products are often vital in helping our customers develop products that achieve Energy Star ratings.

A selection of product families and applications include:

  • High efficiency PolyPhase switching regulator controllers and uModule products improve efficiency in power hungry servers and telecom equipment

  • Diode-OR controllers replace low-efficiency diodes with a high efficiency, low power loss solution

  • LED drivers allow customers to replace low efficiency incandescent bulbs with high efficiency, high brightness white LEDs.

  • Many consumer devices burn significant amounts of power even when turned off, due to high standby or sleep mode currents. Linear Technology's patented Burst Mode technology drastically lowers the energy consumption of products while in light load or sleep mode operation, reducing quiescent current by a factor of 10 or more while still providing quick turn on capability.

  • Micropower power management, signal conditioning and data conversion products extend battery life in portable applications.