About Dust Networks

Dust Networks was founded in 2002 by Dr. Kris Pister, professor at UC Berkeley, to deliver wireless sensor networks that meet the stringent data reliability, security and ultra-low power requirements for industrial and commercial applications.

Dust Networks pioneered time synchronized channel hopping (TSCH), in which all motes in the network are synchronized to within a few microseconds. Such tight time synchronization enables each node to know precisely when to sleep and when to wake for sending/receiving a wireless packet, resulting in extremely low duty cycle (<1%). Time synchronization also enables RF channel hopping on each packet transmission for robust communications. TSCH has formed the basis for a number of seminal networking standards, such as WirelessHART (IEC62591) and IEEE802.15.4E. Based on TSCH, Dust Networks’ SmartMesh products routinely obtain >99.999% data reliability in tough industrial applications with >10 year battery life and without sacrificing network availability.

 In 2011, Dust Networks was acquired by Linear Technology, which in turn became part of Analog Devices in 2017. Today, the Dust Networks product group operates as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Solutions group at Analog Devices and continues to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). SmartMesh has reached over 76,000 customer networks in over 120 countries.